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Welcome To Agger Chiropractic and
Nutrition Clinic

True health is the source of happiness and success. Let us help you
find your path to true health


Injury Treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of motor vehicle injuries, sporting work
and recreational spinal and extremity injuries


Whole Food Nutrition & Herbal Therapies

Experienced clinical results using diet whole food and herbal
therapy designed by nature to enable body to repair itself and
grow healthfully


Herbal Therapies

Builds on thousands of years and tried and tested healing protocols
using only regular high quality ingredients


Therapeutic Exercises

What your body needs to stabilize and balance... no generic
prescriptions to keep pain away and increase endurance

What We Do

Identify the underlying cause of why your body isn’t working as well as you would like and treat it.There are no powerful medications involved, which distort the bodies natural healing rhythms and create side effects both known and unknown.There are no speed talk voice overs warning about crazy side effects to our treatments. Read More

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