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Auto Injury Care

Being involved in a car accident is no fun, and can be confusing, especially when you are trying to get your injuries assessed.

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You are looking for a competent, thorough and experienced doctor who has treated many car accident injury cases, who knows about necessary imaging studies or specialist referrals that your case may need, and knows how implement rehabilitative exercises concurrently with your chiropractic care, so you can have the best chance of healing completely, and avoiding long term pain scenarios, as a result of the accident. READ our testimonials for chiropractic care. WATCH our testimonial videos on car accident care, both accessible through our home page!


Dr Agger has treated auto accident injuries successfully for nearly 20 years. He has a wide referral network of allied health providers, such as  functional neurologists, medical doctors, radiologists, orthopedists, Massage therapists, Physical therapists, counselling professionals, neurosurgeons and attorneys who are experienced and provide exceptional care, should he need YOU to co-treat to get the best outcome for your health. For an overview of whiplash injuries, see our 2 videos: VIDEO: Whiplash injuries http://vimeo.com/130061364 and VIDEO: Whiplash: common symptoms, including concussion http://vimeo.com/130230556. They are also under the video section on our home page, just scroll through the videos and you will find them!

man with questions         Our office manager, JoEllen, has over 30 years experience dealing with accident injury insurance companies, and 22 years experience with Oregon Personal Injury Protection ( PIP) insurance. She is well placed to answer any questions regarding Oregon’s No Fault insurance law for personal injury, and what your personal coverage for your accident is, whether you think you have any or not. If you do not have PIP coverage, don’t worry, we will still treat you, our main goal is to get you back on the road to health, feeling and functioning better!



If you are on this page, the chances are that you are looking for answers to questions about chiropractic treatment for motor vehicle accident injuries.

Remember, Chiropractic care is one of the gold standards in back whiplash injury management, along with rehabilitative exercises. Many patients are referred to us by other Doctors, friends and family members,..but, YOU DO NOT NEED A REFERRAL FROM A DOCTOR TO SEE A CHIROPRACTOR, nor should you be dissuaded by other Doctors, less well informed or read. Your initial visit to see Dr. Agger will provide the basis for whether you will benefit from Chiropractic care, and he will tell you straight, if he can help you.


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Dr. Agger treats accident injury patients of all severities, sometimes following ER room discharge, some with pain medications, some with concurrent injuries, such as fractures, and works closely with other providers; many times Dr. Agger is the first doctor that patients will see to fully identify, diagnose and treat the injuries, depending on the severity of your injury. Sometimes following a car accident, you may feel ‘fine’ after a day or 2 of soreness, only to be followed by increased pain performing ‘activities of daily living’, sporting or recreational pursuits, weeks, or months, later. When your  ‘normal’ activities or sports now give you a problem, it means that you were injured.

If you experience headaches or arm or leg tingling in the months following a car accident, this is usually because you were injured…..just not ‘bad’ enough to get these symptoms straight away; again, you are referred to view the 2 videos listed above on whiplash.  As always, the sooner you get evaluated the better, and, especially in mild whiplash injury cases, you will get better and ‘functional’ faster, while  having a better chance of avoiding any ‘new’ symptoms in the future. If you had a car accident years ago and suffer from residual pain, Chiropractic care has a robust clinical track record in decreasing chronic pain. See some of our video and written testimonials of the many patients we have helped.

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It is common for certain people to be more susceptible to injury in a car accident; for example, if a family of 4 is involved in a rear-end car accident, a stout male will generally experience less pain and injury than a thin female. Also, a small child in a car seat may have minimal injuries, while an older child may not outwardly display pain and discomfort, but may have a marked change in sleep pattern, irritability and moods, indicating the need for a checkup that can reveal moderately to markedly tender spinal joints and muscles, which when treated, return the youngster back to more normal sleep patterns, rationality and stability(!)

Finally, remember, Dr. Agger is a wholistic doctor, so he will make the best recommendations for your care that will be focused on using drugs ONLY when absolutely needed, in conjunction with your medical or ER doctor, or over-the-counter medications, which Dr. Agger can prescribe, and will look to transition you onto natural anti-inflammatories and nutritional support to minimize any drug dependency, and support healing. Sometimes, due to the nature or the car accident injuries, drugs are needed, initially, to control pain. Many times, however, the chiropractic rehabilitation, massage therapy, therapeutic modalities, exercises and nutrition, will start to reduce pain, leading to minimal dependence on drugs.



Chiropractic Care

Safer than taking aspirin, ibuprofen, alleve and Tylenol. Chiropractic is the ONLY drug free evidence based treatment for low back pain for both new and old pain recommended by the State of Oregon Evidence based guidelines.

There are no powerful medications involved to distort the body’s natural healing rhythm, or create side effects both known or unknown, that may inhibit your progress.

There are no speed talk voice overs warning about crazy side effects to our treatments.

Whole food based nutrition will feed the body where deficiency exists, until the point where the body comes more into balance, and maintains.

Herbal therapy builds on thousands of years of tried and tested healing protocols, using only regulated high quality ingredients.

Therapeutic exercises. What YOUR body needs to stabilize and balance…no generic prescriptions, to keep pain away and increase endurance.


There is a focus on You and Your health goals.

We have a proven track record of 18 years in handling cases through natural medicine, sometimes working as part of a team with other doctors.

There is constant innovation to include the best, most clinically effective techniques to get people well through natural means.

There is patient accountability: improving your health involves teamwork and homework to reach your goals.

There are support systems and ongoing educational workshops to help you through your health journey.


Chiropractic adjustments, both traditional and non-force, leading to a reduction of inflammation and physical pain, while increasing and retraining neurological communication between your body and brain.

Whole food nutrition and diet, leading to your designed clinical nutritional program which will create nutritional sufficiency where deficiency existed by giving your body the right fuel to heal.

Specific Exercise therapy, leading to your custom home exercise programs,waking up inhibited muscles that will stabilize your structure, and thus allow you to, once more, move forward in your life

Massage therapy, to create flexible scar tissue from injury/strain, increase blood flow to tight over-active muscles, while ‘waking up’ inhibited muscle groups, leading to better balance and function.

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