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Auto Injury… Do I have a Whiplash? Advice from Dr. Simon Agger



If you have just experienced a car accident or had one in the past that led to chronic pain,  there is help through chiropractic treatments.  Dr. Simon Agger regularly works with clients who need relief from the often life altering symptoms of neck injuries due to car accidents.

Signs and symptoms of a whiplash injury to the spine are many:

-Neck, back, shoulder, wrist, foot and/or knee pain that exists after the accident or is different than it was prior to the accident.

-Headaches, nausea or brain fog.

-Pain with chewing, swallowing, opening/closing mouth

-Numbness / Tingling / Pain in the arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet or toes.

-Weakness or loss of grip strength/arm strength/ foot strength.

-Inability to remember events. Forgetfulness.

-Dizzy spells. Dizziness with changes in head position.

-Ringing or buzzing in the ears

-Loss of balance

Just one of these symptoms may point to the fact that you have sustained a whiplash injury. Some symptoms may not come on for weeks following the injury.

A note about working with Dr. Agger: Dr. Simon Agger is a specialist in treating auto accident cases in Portland, Oregon. You do not need a referral to see him to find out how he can help you. Dr Agger will work with any pain medications you have been prescribed, perform a thorough examination, perform X-ray and other imaging, if necessary. Dr Agger will tell you the nature of your injury and what you need to do to help it get better. He will focus on decreasing your pain and stiffness (inflammation), while increasing your functional activities, through gentle, safe and effective chiropractic adjustments, injury specific massage and exercise therapy that is individually geared to regaining your function caused by your auto-injury.