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Help for Neck, Back Pain and Healthy Aging with Dr. Simon Agger in Portland, Oregon


Rebecca, age 77 years young talks about the importance of chiropractic treatments and nutrition as we age…

I can get rather stiff in the winter here in Portland.  In the summer, I’m out in my garden. This is great exercise. In the winter, I still exercise inside, but I can see that my body needs more help. I see Dr. Agger regularly to stay as healthy as possible. 
The Standard Process Cleanse was a great jumpstart for getting my digestion on track as well. I now use Standard Process supplements regularly. The system helps me feel much more healthy. You just feel better. You have more energy. I tend to be low energy, so this was a BIG change in my life. It energized me. 
Dr. Agger really knows the body. He is great with conversation, nutrition and getting the body in alignment. I highly recommend him for keeping the mind and body supple and flexible as we age.