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How to Use Biopure Chlorella to Protect Your Body

Chlorella is one of the oldest living foods on the plant and is considered the original superfood. It’s an algae that has always played an important part in natural medicine. Algae is high in protein (60%), contains all 8 essential amino acids, ( and a further 11 amino acids ). Chlorella helps with the production of collagen in the body, ( as it contains Chlorella Growth Factor, ( CGF ), which contains both DNA and RNA, so helping the body to speed up cellular repair and regenerate cells.).

Chlorella is a source of natural Glutathione, the body’s most powerful anti- oxidant.

Chlorella is also a great source of chlorophyll, ( a natural source of vitamin K to make your blood stronger ). Chlorophyll is that part of the plant pigment which makes plants appear green.

Chlorella contains 5-10x the amounts of chlorophyll than any other plant!


How can you use Chlorella for your health?

  1. Protecting your body from toxins and air pollutants.  This includes dioixins, PCB’s, heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminum. It helps protect the body from chemicals and pesticide residues including glyphosate also known as Round Up. Protecting the body in this way can help prevent environmental cancers and stressors on the body.
  1. Improving antibody production: Chlorella can work as a natural antibiotic. It helps those who have repeated infections by removing non-helpful bacteria and viruses, especially in the mucous membranes; including the lungs, GI tract, vaginal tract, urethra and bladder lining.
  1. Wound healing and regenerative properties: Chlorella strengthens both injured and aged tissues.  Like turmeric, it has anti inflammatory and anti tumour properties.


Not all Chlorella is created equally. We are very picky about the Chlorella we use at Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition.  We source our product from Biopure US. This product contains organic green algae of several differing strains and is not genetically modified or engineered.

We carry 2 strains of Biopure Chlorella. One is from the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain. It has higher levels of B12 and is more potent at detoxing toxins. The other strain is Chlorella Vulgaris, which has a softer cell wall for those with very sensitive digestive systems. Biopure US Chlorella is easily digested by the body.

The next time you are in the office, ask about our Chlorella from Biopure. You can be confident that the product is well researched and created for maximum superfood effect.


Dr. Agger