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Bruise easily? Skin and blood vessels not as flexible? Clogged arteries? Have a Stent?

Blood vessel health is important! Artery and vein health. 
Our blood vessels take all of our nutrients to different parts of our body. They are a big player in helping us age appropriately, or better than our age!
When they don’t work as well, or their linings break and roughen easily, it means that, on the outside, we can see bruising, easy bruising, bruising and purple spots, that may take a while to go away, or that may re-occur like frequent bruising.
The story can be similar on the inside of the arteries. When they get irritated they will try to heal themselves, but if the irritation continues, the body will try and ‘patch’ these irritated areas by laying down combinations of calcium and cholesterol on the inside of an artery.
This is a good thing. If our body did not have this repair mechanism, the arteries and veins would breakdown faster, leading to bulging or bursting arteries ( aneurysms ). We just don’t want this repair mechanism to be overly aggressive, which can lead to stiffer and narrower arteries.
Some health challenges put people more at risk for blood vessel problems: smoking, diabetes, uncontrolled blood sugar, uncontrolled stress, no exercise, poor diet, are a few of the most common ones. Less common are hereditary disorders, inherited from family members. While we routinely can help support the body to overcome some of the above mentioned challenges, we need to remember this:
Blood vessels need nutrients to maintain their flexibility, help them to heal better, and prevent huge plaques of calcium/cholesterol having to be laid down.
If you or a loved one have blood vessel challenges, please do not hesitate to let us know. We have several supportive strategies that have a proven track record of helping with vascular health! The above picture shows a 10 day difference.