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Does Chiropractor Treatment Work for Chronic Pain?

This is a great graphic ( please click on the above graphic to see it fully ), showing the possible benefits of chiropractic treatment for chronic pain when compared to pain medications.  Chronic pain is defined as pain that last for more than three months. Many people with chronic pain go for years looking for answers and relief. There is good news. Study after study show that proper chiropractic treatment is a healthy and non addictive way to manage chronic pain.

Dr. Agger works regularly with clients who have been in pain for years and sometimes decades. They have had surgeries, long term anti inflammatory use and in many cases, long term pain medication including opioids. In some cases, it is indicated to use pain medications. But, what if you are someone with chronic pain who is not getting enough relief from your current system? We hope you will explore chiropractic treatments with Dr. Agger. He also focuses on a nutritional plan that reduces chronic pain,  including the use of Boswellia, natural forms of aspirin, and, bioavailable Turmeric from Standard Process.

Call today and let’s work together to reduce and ultimately end the chronic pain cycle.