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Dr. Agger Practices and Teaches Continuing Education in Chiropractic, Nutrition and Functional Medicine

Dr. Agger presented a continuing education class today to fellow chiropractors, nutritional and functional medicine practitioners. He focused on the 5 Steps to Health:Taking Your Patients from Chaos to Order that medical professionals can use to help clients reach whole body health. The room was full and the class very engaged. Dr. Agger shared his clinical as well as his research experience. 
Working with a practitioner who not only seeks and participates in regular trainings, but who also works as a trainer of fellow professionals is a bonus.
You know that when you see Dr. Agger,  he is up to date on the latest research. This is passed on to the client and makes for a truly different health experience when you come into an appointment with Dr. Agger.
Dr. Agger worked with Standard Process for this event. He highly recommends their rigorously tested, natural and filler free supplements.  Please call the clinic today to set up a time to work with Dr. Agger. Let’s get your life from chaos to order.