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Dr. Agger Works with the Toffee Club and the Toffee League to Promote Soccer Health

Dr. Agger was recently interviewed by the Toffee Club Soccer blog on the topic of soccer and staying healthy for soccer leagues.

Dr. Simon Agger of Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic Shares His Soccer Story and How He Stays Healthy and Fi

Article excerpt….

We love working with Portland businesses who share our love of local soccer and international football. Dr. Simon Agger is a Toffee Club regular who was born in Leicester, England but grew up supporting an unexpected team.

His story: I grew up in Leicestershire in the 70’s/80’s. I got a full Leicester kit for my sixth birthday and was disappointed! I saw a black and white picture in Shoot! Magazine of a player scoring the winning goal in a League cup final with an overhead kick and I thought THAT is the team for me! Unfortunately, the team was Manchester City, and we endured a torrid time, even going down to the 3rd Division (!) while United were in all their pomp and glory. Luckily for us, the oil money chose our stadium and club and it all started to change in 2008. A decade of better players has almost erased the embarrassing ” Citi-itis” we always used to experience.

Dr. Agger talks football life in Leicester, England

I scored a hat trick on my first ‘proper game” wearing my Leicester kit when I was six. I still remember the goals, especially the jammy one off my chest from a corner at the near post! We played Bishop Ellis, who were a Roman Catholic School. Their kids were quick and dribbled in and out of the touchlines without being called. From 7-10 years old, I played keeper for a while, and used to love coming off my line. I then played center back until I was 15.

Click here to read the rest of the article and learn more about Dr. Agger’s work in the local soccer community in Portland, Oregon.