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Dr. Simon Agger Chiropractor in Portland, Oregon Helps You Heal Injuries and Find Vitality for Life

Dr. Agger uses a combination of chiropractic adjustments and nutrition to help you weather any health situation including accidents, weight gain, feeling blue, worry and simply not feeling your best. Spinal adjustments work by improving spinal motion to create healthy joints and a usable, workable and pain free body.

When the body is stiff or what some people call out of position, pain and indigestion can be a result.

Come in today and get a body examination to see how chiropractic treatment can help you feel better and finally take that hike you keep saying you want to do!

The Main Reasons Clients Visit Dr. Agger

  1. They want a natural doctor for decreasing pain and improving nutrition. They also want longevity.
  2. They were in an accident from a car, work, biking or a sporting injury.
  3. They want more energy and need help with hormone fluctuations.
  4. Want to sleep better.
  5. Help with weight mangement
  6. Chronic headaches or chronic pain
  7. Autoimmune illnesses

And more…

If you want help in any of these areas, we hope you will call today.