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Event: Nutritional New Year Cleanses with Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic in Portland, Oregon

Are you ready to have the best year of your life in terms of health and well being? 

Let’s work together and make 2019 the year you find optimal health in the body and mind.

Join Dr. Simon Agger for evening discussion on the benefit of cleanse. Join us and learn more about the healthy and supported nutritional cleanses we offer along with our nutrition plans.

We offer a 10, 21 and 28 day cleanse that fits every lifestyle.

Our cleanses immediately address inflammation and food allergies by removing common inflammatory foods and drinks. We then add concentrated, therapeutic grade nutrients to help clean toxins out of the body and help you burn fat.

Common outcomes of the cleanse:

  1. Weight loss including a flatter stomach.
  2. Excellent eliminations. Yes, we do mean a healthy bowel.
  3. Improved sleep.
  4.  Decreased aches and pains that are due to inflammation.
  5. Increased energy levels that can feel like a runner’s high.
  6.  Healthier and better looking skin.
  7.  More youthful looking face including bags under the eyes.

Please know that at Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition, we take your health very seriously. Our cleanses are individual plans where you work closely with Dr. Agger through a personalized nutritional  program you can use for life.  A cleanse helps jump start a new way of eating or can help you get back on track after wandering down a path that leads to less than optimum health.

Find the Cleanse that is Right For You

Join us in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday, January 23rd for a life changing meeting where you will learn how you can finally achieve the health goals of your dreams.


Cleanse the Body Workshop with Dr. Simon Agger

Date: Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time: 5:45-6:45 PM

Location: Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic

2705 E. Burnside St, Suite 100

This workshop is free, but we ask that you call the clinic to reserve your place as space is limited.


You can change. Let Dr. Simon Agger help you get started.  Here is what nutrition clients say about the cleanse with Dr. Agger:

I work a lot in the garden and eat natural foods for most of my meals. I still had a lot of trouble getting my rosacea and digestion on track. I did a 21 day cleanse with Dr. Agger and liked the results so much, I have continued with the supplements we used in the cleanse. I found it easy to follow and felt very supported at the clinic. Dr. Agger knows a lot about nutrition.  He is a researcher at heart and worked with me regularly to find a plan for increasing my energy. Rebecca, 76

I love the Standard Process cleanse.  I have done it three times. The first time really opened my eyes to what I should be eating and it helped with portions. The other two times, I did it for a reset to help me feel better and to get back on track.  Standard Process is a quality product where there is an organic farm in Wisconsin where they grow all of the vegetables.   The quality is there- what  they say is in their supplements is really there.  Marcus, 35

We hope you can join us for our January, 2019 cleanse.