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Cleanse the Body Workshop 2019 With “Dr. Simon Agger”

the Body Workshop
With Dr. Simon Agger        

Cleanses available in durations of 10, 21, or 28 days.

Most people have never truly given their body a break, much less with specific support on a cellular level, to assist with detoxing, weight loss, and improving organ and tissue function.  Some common outcomes of the program are:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved elimination and sleep
  • Decreased aches, pains, and inflammation
  • Increased energy levels
  • Healthier and better-looking skin

Why do a cleanse? Why are these superior? How do these compare to the Whole 30, intermittent fasting, and ketogenic diets?

Join us for this informative workshop to find out more about how a cleanse can truly change your habits and your life for the better!

 Dr. Simon Agger is a chiropractor and a clinical nutritionist who has spent over 20 years using safe, natural, non-surgical and drug free methods to increase overall health and vitality.  He is excited to share his knowledge with you.