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Fix the Digestion, Lose the Weight

Dr. Agger believes that a healthy digestion is the path way to finding a healthy weight. When food is correctly processed and eliminated, the body can naturally go to a healthy weight over time. This is a proven way to help people with binge eating, sugar addiction, food allergies and more. Not everyone is gluten intolerant, but if you are, it helps to know how eliminating gluten can lead to better digestion and a more healthy weight. Maybe you need to add certain foods to your diet, but are not sure where to start. Dr. Agger can help with all of this and answer your question on how improving digestion leads to a healthy, supple and energized mind and body.


1 . Chew your food more than eight times before you swallow.

2. Sit down when you eat.

3. Make sure you are breathing and just eating vs. being on your phone or talking through a meal.

This can  help with burping, bloating, heartburn, gas and more.

These three changes will immediately improve your digestion. For extra help, ask Dr. Agger about the supplement Butane HCL and using apple cider vinegar to help improve digestion.