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Help for Joint Pain Through Chiropractic Treatments

Dr. Simon Agger not only works on the body, he is also great at explaining why chiropractic treatments are so effective in treating joint pain.

What is the main cause of pain in the joints and how does chiropractic treatment help reduce pain?

Tissue injuries are a large part of joint pain. Tissue injuries happen when there is a stress to the body and the body is not able to handle it- such as lifting a child incorrectly or turning on your knee in an odd way.  It can also be a natural result of de-conditioning due to a sedentary lifestyle and a change in routine such as going from a physical job to a computer job or the other way around.

What is tissue?

Soft tissue refers to muscles, ligaments, cartilage, skin and nerves.  Hard tissue refers to bone.

Chiropractic treatment helps restore normal movements patterns to joints and this leads to a reduction in pain.

It’s important to know that the main function of chiropractic treatment is to restore proper communication between the body and the brain.

Adjustments give the brain a new picture of what is going on in the body through stimulating the movement receptors that are present in all joints.  You can’t activate this with just movement.

Regular chiropractic treatment allows the body to move with ease and this reduces pain.

When a joint is injured or restricted, it loses its normal movement pattern.

If you have pain in a specific joint or often wake up with a stiffness in your joints, regular chiropractic treatments can help restore vitality, ease of movement, reduce pain leading to a body that feels great in the mornings.