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Help for Low Back Pain





What is the main cause of lower back pain?

It is usually joint dysfunction due to repetitive motions that lead to a deterioration in individual joints as they do not move through normal range of motion.  This is the result of our modern life, where we often sit all day and don’t spend enough time on strengthening and flexibility.  This leads to many back problems.  We are often not as active in nature as we were in the past; this too leads to more back pain.  We tend to sit, instead of using our legs, or exercising.  Gardening, playing a sport, running up and down the stairs, climbing, reaching, stretching, all of these can keep the body strong and flexible and help the lower back.

Dr. Agger notes:  When I first see a client who has low back pain, I identify the restricted joints and look for restricted joint movement patterns, and, also identify areas of pain. I then do a series of adjustments to restore normal motion and strengthen weakened muscles.  This helps calm the overactive muscles and increase the use of underused muscles. Even if someone is sitting all day for work, it is possible to find relief from low back pain using this process. We focus on core strengthening though exercise.  Along with regular chiropractic adjustments, look into gentle yoga and Pilates for strengthening the core and making the body and mind more supple. We also focus on nutritional changes that can help improve back health through reducing inflammation. 

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