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Help for Overeating and Drinking too Much During the Holidays from Dr Simon Agger

Dr Agger teaches you how to avoid bloating, indigestion and heartburn while keeping your liver healthy over the holidays!

The holidays can be a lot of fun, but they can also lead to excessive eating and drinking.

Make this year different by following three simple rules from Dr. Simon Agger this holiday season.

1) Drink the same amount of water as alcohol. This means for every glass of champagne, beer or wine, you drink a glass of water. This will dilute the effects of alcohol on your liver. This keeps you healthier during the holidays and can also help you drink less.

2) Chew your food. Most people take less than five chews a mouth full. This stresses the stomach as the food particles are too big and have not been digested well enough by the enzymes in the mouth. This leads to heartburn, indigestion, bloating and gas. Chew each mouthful for five seconds before you swallow. This helps you eat less and creates much better digestion.

3) Eat healthy proteins and fats with sugar based desserts. If you are having cake, eat some fresh almonds or have a meal with fish or chicken before eating sugar. This helps decrease blood sugar spikes and you will eat less sugar as a result.


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