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Help for Portland Runners and Walkers from Dr. Simon Agger 

As spring approaches and the flowers start to appear in our beautiful Oregon neighborhoods, I also notice how many runners and walkers appear on the streets. It’s a beautiful time to get outside and exercise. Here are two strategies to keep your body supple and healthy during  the spring and summer walking and running months.
1. Regular maintenance adjustments for runners, walkers and athletes:  While training in England for The Birmingham marathon, I experienced right knee pain after 14 miles. This problem continued even though I was following proper nutrition and stretching as any runner should do before a run.  It was 2 years later that I met a doc in America who told me, “ You right pelvic joint is restricted. If it stays this way, pain will refer into the next largest joint, which is your knee.”
It made sense!  I received my first adjustment and felt like someone had just oiled my spine.  My life changed forever on that day. I wanted to know how to work this magic, and decided to devote my career to chiropractic treatment and the field of human nutrition and performance that could help everyone, not only athletes, feel better in life.
My first piece of advice for getting out into the spring and summer sun is to come in for a tune up to make sure your body is working at its best. Let’s prevent injuries this year! 
2. Think of the body as an organism that works together to keep your mind and physical being healthy: After a round of several treatments, not only did my knee work better, I was also introduced to a world where health care professionals focused on the whole body, including digestion and the mental state, in order to help a person stay healthy while exercising.  This new way of looking at spine health and the body as a whole, changed my own exercise path and definitely affected how I fueled my body from that day forward. Whether I work with athletes, or people who simply want to live a healthy lifestyle, I always give the same message: We can keep the body strong and supple. We can find a nutritional plan that works daily, to make sure that our runs and walks are injury free.
My overall advice is to see the body and mind as an organism you can take care of daily, with the support of regular chiropractic visits and working together on an injury prevention and nutritional plan that keeps you healthy all year round. 
If you’re  a walker or runner who wants to walk, or run, pain free and injury free, visit our clinic for an assessment and a plan.
Dr. Agger