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Increase your Energy. Improve your Digestion. 3 easy steps to Better Health.

Before your food even hits your tongue, your brain is telling your body to get ready to eat. Eating should mean : digest food, absorb nutrients, get more energy ( to heal, to perform better, to have more energy, or all 3!! ).

The moment food hits your tongue, digestive enzymes in your saliva ( amylase and lipase) start to break down starches and fats. If you chew your food well, this happens better, you save energy, get better digestion, have more energy. If you ‘wolf your food down’ you lose energy, have worse digestion, less chance to heal well, or experience more abundant energy.

The more chewing, the more saliva. Saliva helps buffer stomach acids, meaning we won’t experience heartburn.

Chewing also stimulates our parotid gland, behind the ears in the jaw, to release hormones that stimulate our Thymus gland to produce T-cells, which bolster our immune system. When we are not fighting bugs, we have more energy.

Now, this is important.

Saliva reabsorbs nitrates from our foods, primarily from beets and leafy greens. When your saliva hits your tongue, nitrites are concentrated to a thousand times that found in our blood plasma.  When this mixture hits the stomach you get an abundant amount of Nitric Oxide produced, reducing inflammation throughout the body, and, increasing your circulation ( more oxygen to more parts of the body. This is good.). More oxygen delivery to cells mean better combustion of energy, better flow of blood and nutrients. Better healing. Better performance.

Chew your food more. Take it or leave it. Do you want a clean burning machine for a body or an afterthought of a body? Your choice.

As soon as your food goes down your food pipe, (esophagus), into your stomach, the stomach uses up a ton of energy to activate the fat digesting enzymes ( lipases) and mix the food with acids to break down your proteins into amino acids, and fats, so you can digest and get ready to absorb nutrients. Simple.

If you did not chew your food in step one ( chewing), your stomach has to expend more energy into breaking food down in the stomach, and you will have less energy available for healing, getting better, being the best you can be, having more energy, less fatigue, etc.


3 steps to more energy and better digestion

1) Chew food: sitting, concentrating on just eating

2) Don’t dilute your digestive enzymes with lots of liquids while you eat. Do liquids 20-30 minutes after, or before, food.

3) Feeding the body is an event. Don’t trivialize it by compromising and multitasking. Try not to walk, text, read, jog, drive while eating. Your body will not digest as well. Absorption of nutrients will be rubbish, and your health will suffer.


If you or a loved one is suffering from poor digestion and/or low energy call us today. Why put off feeling good for another day?