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Neck Injury from a Car Crash

We know how disruptive a car crash can be in a person’s life. The majority of car accident clients we see tell us that they can’t exactly figure out what is wrong; their neck simply feels out of place and the whole body aches. This is a normal reaction to a collision, where the body goes through inertia. Even if you were hit in a slow crash, it’s still the coming together of two very large objects. This moves your body very, very quickly into unnatural positions that you might not even remember after the crash.

If you were recently rear ended in an accident, or ran into someone yourself, come and see us for a full body evaluation and get relief from neck and body pain caused by a car wreck.

In this picture, Dr. Agger is holding the portion of the neck that supports the skull, and yes, those joints that are almost the size of your thumb nail get injured during a whiplash accident.