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We Use Whole Foods Supplements from Organic Farms



Quality Supplements are important when you are looking to Maintain Your Health, Reclaim your Health or Exclaim your Health!

When it comes to supplements, you don’t need unnecessary fillers, colours or heat processed, denatured, synthetic sources of nutrients that can create more inflammation in your body or your brain, and may flat out not help you at all!


We use whole food supplements, 90% of which are produced on an organic farm. This means no glyphosate ( Round-Up ) residues, and stronger concentrations of nutrients.  Standard Process, Inc. use cold processing to ensure that all nutrients are retained when concentrating the whole foods into tablet form, many done within minutes/hours of the plant being harvested. This ensures that maximal nutrient potency is retained.


These are consistent, quality products that form the bedrock of our whole food nutrition approach, along with diet, in our clinic. This Standard Process Book shows pictures of some of the 420 acres of Organic Farm where we get these quality supplements.

As always, any questions on what you should be taking? Call us 503 236 1304 or mail us on info@aggerchiro.com