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Relief for Leg pain, groin pain, buttock pain and Sciatica, Natural treatment in Portland Oregon

Leg pain that won’t go away? Help for buttock pain. Help for groin pain. Foot weakness. Foot numbness. Help for pain in thigh and calf. The list goes on…

Why is this such a big problem?

The sciatic nerve is THE biggest nerve in the body…the size of your index finger…wow!

Sciatic nerve irritation can be helped by identifying the structures that can irritate and inflame the sciatic nerve. These structures include : Locked joints that are not moving correctly, sloppy joints that are moving too much, poor muscular control in the body core, bone spurs becoming symptomatic, Disc bulges, disc herniation’s and disc extrusions ( slipped disc varieties ).

These area may become inflamed by accidents and injury, car accidents, sporting and gardening over-stress, straining the body, too much stress, too much sedentary lifestyle, repetitive lifting or sitting, poor individual health maintenance habits, poor dietary habits, poor posture and poor sleep habits.

Some times just one of these events can lead to sciatic pain. Many times it is a mixture of 2 or 3 of the above, to inflame the sciatic nerve.

Because the sciatic nerve carries all the nerve communication to the buttock, groin, hip, thigh, knee, leg ankle, heel, foot and toes, any inflammation to the sciatic nerve can cause pain, tightness, tingling, numbness and weakness in these areas.

A thorough exam of your back joints, pelvis, hips, knees, ankle and foot will check the sciatic nerve, find out where it is inflamed and how it can be corrected with manual bodywork ( Chiropractic ), exercise and therapy ( physical therapy performed in our clinic ). Both natural anti-inflammatory supplements and sometimes over the counter drugs may be helpful in your first weeks of care.

Dr Agger may also use imaging, such as X-rays or MRI’s to assist with refining his diagnosis in some cases.

Correction of Leg pain is often profound. It usually happens over a period of time of 1-4 weeks. We rarely have to send patients out for surgery; this only happens if we have exhausted all non-drug care or integrated natural/medicated treatment alternatives.

Many times there is too much inflammation around the lower back and pelvic joints. For an explanation of how chiropractic helps decrease inflammation go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ruwfd46kBJI&list=PLeab0vR7ExJJ_7s7__2N3pH2zZxtiDHks&index=2&t=0s For an explanation of Disc injuries go here: /www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eve5gJAWIc&list=PLeab0vR7ExJJ_7s7__2N3pH2zZxtiDHks&index=12&t=0s

The next time you, or a loved one have leg pain or think you may have injured your sciatic nerve call us for an evaluation…it may just change your life!