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Dr Agger, in his mission to spread the word about the work that our clinic does, talks with other businesses, gyms, and holds workshops at the clinic.
Dr Agger also speaks to other doctors and healthcare practitioners, educating them on how to implement some of the natural healing methods used in our clinic, and teaching them about natural interventions for common clinical conditions.

Whether you are looking to empower your company, or your employees, to be more healthy, or looking to introduce Chiropractic and Clinical Nutrition solutions to address common health concerns, or looking to understand more on how common conditions can be helped by natural means, Dr Agger is a dynamic and engaging speaker, willing to speak to your social or athletic group, business, or group of healthcare professionals, about what we do, and how you, your friends, family, colleagues and employees can utilize this health information as tools to improve or maintain a robust level of health.

Dr Agger offers a format of brown bag ‘lunch and learn’ engaging presentations, with popular titles and content such as: Health and Wellness in the workplace; Cleansing the body, a 21 day purification program; Get well! Stay well!, A guide on how to increase performance naturally; he also speaks on topics such as Natural pain relief; Alternatives to Nsaid medications; whole food supplements and herbal remedies for common problems; chiropractics role in whiplash injury management; fatigue and energy; Thyroid and adrenal gland common disorders; common causes of headache and treatment strategies; chiropractic and pain relief; Postural stress and correction; the feet and their relationship to health; and anti-ageing.
Dr Agger also offers longer, custom 2 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour teaching and learning seminars, for both the public, other professionals, health care practitioners and doctors.
For enquiries or booking, please contact info@aggerchiro.com or call 503 236 1304.