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Surgery Free Help with Swollen and Clicking Knee from Chiropractor Dr. Simon Agger in Portland, Oregon

Keep reading for an update from the client, 11 weeks out from initial treatment:


I recently worked on a returning client, Janet  who called with what she thought was a dislocated knee cap. She limped into the office and said, “I felt my knee slip out of place and suddenly I had trouble walking. The pain is terrible and I think I have dislocated my knee cap!”

When I first see a client, I look at all of the past life stresses, past and current activities and prior injuries to the feet, knees, leg muscles, hip, pelvis and lower back as these areas are directly related to a persons knee health. I want to see the whole picture of what has happened before I figure out what treatment is needed. I asked Janet questions about injuries, if she had jarred the knee in some way, and if she has had any previous imaging ( x-rays or MRI ).

I’ve worked with Janet for almost two years and know how often she experiences pain and problems with her joints. Janet was injured in a biking accident in 2012 and lately has been doing better. I know this knee problem felt like a big set back for her. Emotions play a big part in managing the body.


After chatting, it was obvious that this knee problem was related to her trying to get her hip to stay in place through exercises and a new brace she was wearing on her back.  The body is connected. Making changes to the hip can change the way a knee is used and in cases like hers, can lead to stress related injuries.


I examined Janet’s knee and could tell that her knee was unstable due to a combination of  knee cartilage injury, knee cap ( patella), tracking problems, hip & lower back tightness and stressful lifestyle habits. Janet asked, “Can I get help with this without having to get an MRI? I am so worried that my meniscus is torn or that my kneecap was dislocated. I don’t want to rush into surgery or anything serious until I know what is happening. I know something is really wrong as the pain is truly terrible.”


Knee injuries can be very painful due to many of the involved structures having pain receptors, which will fire when things aren’t working well and/or injured. This is often compounded further by the fact that we have to walk on the knees as weight bearing joints.  Many of my clients come in with ACL and MCL injuries. These are injuries to the ligaments of the knee. This is especially common with athletes.


After a full examination, I could see that her patella was tracking abnormally, out of alignment (subluxing), and there was a injury to the meniscus as she expected, but of a smaller magnitude, and that Janet tested negative for a seriously torn ligament. I explained to Janet that I would make the adjustments, and perform therapies I felt would get her knee working again, but that she would have to find a way to modify lifestyle stressors and daily habits, so that we could begin a therapeutic exercise program to strengthen her knee as we decreased the inflammation, deal with the pain as we worked through this injury with natural, non surgical treatments. Janet agreed and over the next few weeks, we worked together to make sure that her knee could heal naturally.


It is now seven weeks later and Janet is walking more normally and has much less pain. We both feel we avoided the cost of unnecessary and often expensive surgery. Not all knee injuries can be treated naturally, but it makes sense to look at all options before spending money on an MRI and surgery that isn’t always needed.


Simon Agger, D.C.



After three months, Janet is walking without pain and can perform a full range of motion with her knee. She avoided surgery. I asked her for a statement on what this process was like for her.

“The first day I saw you about 10 weeks ago, I was in so much pain I was hardly functioning. I heard you say that you could help me without getting surgery and I trusted this process. I eventually had an MRI due to the high level of pain I was experiencing and this showed damage to the patella and a sprained MCL due to what felt like a dislocated knee cap. Just as Dr. Agger expected.  It truly was as much pain as I would expect with a torn MCL. I listened to your advice and iced EVERY NIGHT for two months. I kept our appointments and I had faith in the five step program you have on you wall that one day I would walk into the office pain free with a healthy MCL. I was skeptical, but you have helped me so much in other areas, I trusted your words.  I am thinking of all of the money I saved by not having surgery. Even with insurance, I would have been thousands in the hole. Also, my body healed naturally and without scar tissue. I no longer need pain help for my knee and I feel that I am walking normally. Our sessions were not always about my knee. You adjusted my neck, upper back, hips and pelvis. You offered relief for an old pinched nerve injury that flared after my knee cap dislocated. I have so much more hope now.  My loose joints are a problem, but I know that having someone who can help me balance my spine is a positive. Thank you again for helping me avoid surgery. “