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Nutrition Testimonials


“I had been dealing with digestive problems for the last 20 years and sleep issues for the last 3 years. I constantly felt bloated, had gas, and noticed this especially when I consumed flour, milk, sugar, wine, and beer. And, I would commonly wake up early in the morning and lie awake for 2-3 hours before being able to fall back to sleep, which would mean I would wake up feeling wiped-out in the morning. Since I started my nutritional program, my digestion has vastly improved and I now have a much better understanding of what foods to avoid. My sleeping has also improved and I am now sleeping well through the night, most nights. I’m quite pleased with the progress made on the program and know what I need to do in the future to feel good, sleep well, and have the energy to do the things I enjoy. Thank you.”


“My symptoms began long ago, after several traumatic events, my immune system ceased to support my day to day lifestyle—which was busy but typical. I worked, had 2 children, a loving husband, a home, and family. Prior to nutritional therapy I had tried the traditional medicine approach and felt that they wanted to medicate me and I could feel myself slipping away. Through my nutrition program with Dr. Agger, his nutritional therapy addresses the organs that make up the immune system. I feel more mentally alert and have not been sick. My energy allows me to do whatever I choose. I also have Celiac Disease and Dr. Agger has helped me choose the best options for the healthiest life possible.”


“About six years ago I began a very increased schedule of weights and exercise. Within the past 10 years things just seemed out of sync. Through my nutrition program, Dr. Agger helped me fine tune my diet so I now get the most out of my days. My diet is nutritionally balanced, my cardio exercise abilities have improved, I no longer get sluggish mid-morning, and I have a strong sense of well-being now from Dr. Agger and his staff. Wellness starts with a healthy mindset and grows outward. A healthy patient is the result of proper nutritional practitioner.”


” Before starting my nutrition program with Dr. Agger, I had poor energy levels and had been struggling with depression for the last 10 years. Since starting my nutritional program, Dr. Agger found food sensitivities which greatly affect hormone levels and mood swings. Since changing my diet and being made aware of foods that I am sensitive to, my cycles of depression are less severe and much easier to manage. I am also able to focus better and my overall mental presence is improved. Dr. Agger also helped me solve my low energy problem. Through changing my diet and taking the supplements recommended by Dr. Agger, my energy has increased and stays steady throughout the day and my sleep is deeper.”


“I was experiencing chronic fatigue, weekly chest pain for over 20 years, and daily hot flashes for the last 4 years. After starting my nutrition program, I noticed my energy levels stabilizing, I am able to complete my daily tasks without feeling exhausted, I rarely have chest pain or have hot flashes.”


“I had been dealing with heavy and painful menstrual cycles, recurring bladder infections, and had intense cravings for sugar and carbohydrates. Since starting my designed clinical nutrition program, my periods have decreased greatly in severity and pain, my bladder infection symptoms were rapidly relieved and I stopped regularly getting them. Also, through cleaning up my diet with advice from Dr. Agger, I lost 10 pounds, my sugar cravings diminished, and I now feel strong and healthy. The Nutritional Program is very reasonable and affordable. It is by far some of the best money my family has spent. I love how this program takes the guess work out of treating the body with exactly what it needs. It’s efficient, elegant, and accurate. I also appreciate Dr. Agger’s dedication to his patients’ overall quality of life. I highly recommend this program and Dr. Agger. Not just for people dealing with illness, but also for those who want to feel as good as possible.”


I had had a long history of irritably and shakiness before meals, cravings for coffee and candy in the afternoon, and felt drowsy, mentally sluggish, and fatigued often. I had an inability to concentrate, I was highly emotional, I had headaches several times a week, joint stiffness daily in hips, knees, shoulders, and night sweats. Following a comprehensive nutritional work-up, multiple food sensitivities were identified, and testing showed that my nervous system function was compromised, which was affecting my brain and digestion. Following three months on a designed clinical nutritional program, my night sweats had resolved, emotions had evened-out, body aches and pains dissipated, mental clarity and energy significantly improved, and headaches disappeared.”


“I had been having regular hot flashes, my hair was falling out, and I could only sleep 4-5 hours per night. Dr Agger performed an Adrenal stress test which showed an excess of cortisol at night. With natural hormone support ( herbal, glandular and whole food nutrition supplements) as part of a designed clinical nutrition program and dietary changes over several months, I now have no hot flashes, my hair is no longer falling out, and I am sleeping longer on a regular basis.”


“I came into the clinic with chronic fatigue, painful and difficult menstrual cycles, and chronic low energy. After working with Dr. Agger to design a clinical nutrition program to fit my needs, my fatigue has improved and I now have consistent energy throughout the day. I am also experiencing easier menstrual cycles: less cramping, no pain in my lower back, and less cravings.”


“I had been regularly taking Prilosec for heartburn, experiencing frequent bloating and started having muscle cramps in my legs. Once receiving nutritional guidance by Dr. Agger, and consulting my Medical Doctor, I replaced Prilosec with a whole food supplement, which allowed for proper mineral absorption and digestion, eradicating my bloating, my heartburn and muscle cramps.”


“Before seeing Dr. Agger, I was dealing with sleeping problems, acid reflux, diarrhea, hot flashes, nail infections, and allergies. Through my nutritional therapy program, I am amazed at how much better I feel. I have regular bowel movements, my nail infections (which I’ve had for three years) have cleared up, I am sleeping better, and generally feel so much more relaxed. Cheers to Dr. Agger!”