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What is Whole Food Nutrition and Can it Help Me Lose Weight?


At Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition Clinic, we emphasize the use of a whole foods way of eating along with whole foods supplements that help the body return to a natural state of health.  Whole food nutrition means nourishing the body with foods as they occur in nature and using supplements that are concentrates of whole foods.

This leads to therapeutic healing of the body through cellular, tissue and organ repair.  Many bodies are in a state of deficiency when the arrive at the office.  Dr. Agger takes the time needed to do a comprehensive nutritional evaluation  to determine  where the current diet is deficient, go over any lab work, check the health of the autonomic nervous system through heart rate testing and may also use muscle testing to see what the body needs in terms of support.

What is the role of whole foods nutrition in reducing inflammation?

You need energy to reduce inflammation.  People’s bodies are often too tired. The body is naturally made to fight inflammation, but when it gets overwhelmed and fatigued, inflammation can take over and this leads to chronic symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel, palpitations, anxiety, depressions and more.  This leads to cravings for the quick fixes of sugar, energy drinks, the latest marketing diet fad and fast food.  This is always an empty promise for energy.

Whole foods eating and supplementation creates a strong foundation for natural healing.  This takes time.  Having the support of the office and our staff is a big help as you make nutritional changes.

Does whole foods eating help a person lose weight?

Whole foods eating helps a person find the foods that lead to natural health. It’s a process to get more energy into the body and this then allows for better personal choices around food.  Removing inflammation and increasing metabolic function allows the body to create more energy in order to naturally burn fat. A whole foods diet removes processed foods that are often the culprit in weight gain. Overall, people who follow a whole foods path of eating do return to a natural weight while also removing the pain and lack of energy that comes with having a body that is out of balance.

Join us on January 23rd for an information event on the topic of cleansing the body with whole foods.  Click here for more info.