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What’s the Buzz About Celery Juice?

Have you noticed that fad diets come and go like the wind on the Gorge? One minute it is paleo and then it is keto or Whole 30. Recently, a client asked me about the celery juice diet.  Please know that I am not against anyone who wants to have a healthier lifestyle, but I do want to stress the importance of consistency and the benefits of eating whole foods and using whole food supplements.  If you want to lose weight, end stomach bloat, go to the beach with ease, keep up with your kids and end aches and pains, the goal is eating a balanced diet filled with natural, non hormonal, pesticide free healthy foods. You can call it by any name you want. If you examine any of the latest diets, and I realize I forgot to add intermittent fasting and avoiding beans to the list, you can see they all have the same message.

You truly do have to think about what you put in your body if you want to be healthy. We can learn from the remaining healthy societies that have an active population and less problems with weight even while living in the US. What do they have in common? Smaller portions, a balance of foods and an active lifestyle.

At Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition, we want you to find a way of eating and being active that you can sustain for life.  If you need a jumpstart, then visit us for a cleanse. If you want to find a diet that limits inflammation, call the office for a nutrition appointment. If you have any questions about the diets and gimmicks with the slick ads and the promise of losing weight quickly, Dr. Agger will answer these questions as well. The goal is a healthy body fueled by good nutrition. We hope you will visit us soon.

PS: Celery juice probably will not hurt, but please think about what you can maintain over a lifetime and not what will work simply for a few months.