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Why Does Chiropractic Treatment Work for Joint Restriction and Pain?


Joint restriction means that instead of gliding with ease, the joints of the body are restricted. Sometimes this can lead to pain and at other times, there is no pain, but the body is not operating as efficiently as possible and mobility is affected.

Chiropractic treatment helps you move the body with more ease by helping in these areas:

Trauma: Physical trauma such as whiplash from a car accident, sports injury or repetitive trauma such as wrists problems from computer work.

Toxins:   Toxins can be petroleum products or heavy cleaners, adhesives or mold – anything that causes the immune system to have a response that then affects the nervous system.

Thoughts: Mental and emotional stress can tighten up the body and create joint restrictions. Teens are especially good at working out emotional stress in the body, but as we get older and stress increases, stress related joint restrictions are more common.

My goal as a chiropractor is to wake up and stimulate the joint restrictions which allow the body to heal, so that you can finally move with ease.

Please enjoy the video below. It explains how chiropractic treatment helps ease inflammation due to joint restrictions and finally answers the question, Why do I hear a popping sound during adjustments?

Dr. Agger