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Why is My Poop Green?

The popular book Everybody Poops by Taro Gomi  makes a good point- we all poop! Why don’t we talk about it more? Ancient medicine looked at stools to determine the general health of a person and you can do the same.  The following is a check list for using poop to see what digestion problems you may be having. Please note that this is not only about seeing colored poop due to specific foods. For example, eating beets can look like blood in the stool and a lot of kale can give you quite a shock! The following color and consistency chart is about stool uncolored by food.

The ideal poop according to the Bristol Stool Scale Chart is dark brown, separated and sausage shaped. This indicates a healthy colon and one that is not overwhelmed by digestion problems.

If it is floating and light colored, it can indicate a problem with digesting and absorbing fats.

Long, black and possibly bloody stool can indicate internal bleeding or hemorrhoids.

Watery poop can indicate that mucus is coming out with the poop. The mucus is being created as the intestines are being inflamed. This is common in IBS and Chrohns Disease.

Pieces of food in the poop can indicate that your digestion process is not working properly or that you need to chew your food more. But corn for example can go straight through and this is normal.

Green poop often means that you are getting enough greens. This can be a normal situation if you are doing a cleanse or eating more than 6-8 servings of green in your diet. This can be the result of a more alkaline diet.

Blood in the stool is always something to discuss with a health care professional.

Loose stool, also called diarrhea can indicate an illness, irritation of the digestion or a stressed digestion tract, emotional stress, a bug such as the flu virus, food poisoning, IBS or a food allergy. Any time there is long term diarrhea, it’s a good idea to talk with a nutritionist about digestion and to a health care professional about any illness that could cause long term diarrhea.  When diarrhea is yellow, it means fats are not being digested or absorbed.  This can involve the gall bladder.

Cracked and lumpy poop that is very chunky with a lot of cracks indicates dehydration. It will be brown. When it is cracked and lumpy you will tend towards constipation.  It is hard to expel and can be painful.  This indicates you need help with digestion and movement. It can also be a side effect of medications, especially NSAIDS, steroids and opioids.

If you have changes in poop, this is normal, but overall, good digestion is shown through darker, sausage shaped, rather smooth poo.

Chat with Dr. Agger about digestion and elimination and create the best poop of your life.

Yes, we have a sense of humor at Agger Chiropractic and Nutrition. Our goal is for you to have a healthy digestion in 2019.

We are here to help if you are having any digestion problems that are obvious from looking at your stool.

Options to work with us include:

  1. An comprehensive nutritional evaluation where Dr. Agger talks with you about your health history and your current nutrition. He will then test you for food allergies and talk with you about proper nutrition for gut health that naturally leads to healthy poop.
  2. Working with Dr. Agger on finding the right supplements to help you create healthy digestion even if you are already eating a healthy diet. In some cases, a healthy diet might not be the right diet for you.
  3. Chiropractic adjustments to help the digestive system work optimally.

We also offer Nutritional New Year Cleanses that can help get your body on track for the new year.  Please join us on January 23 from 5:45 to 6:45  for a discussion on these cleanses.

Talking about poop in a natural way helps us all better understand personal digestion and where we might need help.

Join us today!